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This archive holds a large collection of files that are relevant to Multi Theft Auto and have, in some way, contributed to the history of this project. This includes everything from former multiplayer modifications from various developers to MTA versions and media ranging from the very first version to the more recent versions.

Feel free to browse around and download.
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PHPDLv2 created by Greg Johnson
CC 3.0
zip Clan_RPG_Script_by_Jax_&_Oli_v3.10.zip 75.58KB 8 years old
zip FMJ-MTAScripts.zip 7.76KB 8 years old
txt GRS_MANUAL_4.03.txt 10.23KB 8 years old
txt GRS_MANUAL_4.04.txt 10.94KB 8 years old
txt GRS_MANUAL_4.14.txt 11.85KB 8 years old
txt HEADER.txt 423Bytes 8 years old
zip maps.zip 16.05MB 7 years old
zip MTAmA001.zip 1.9KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA121.zip 63.63KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA1222.zip 6.89KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA1223.zip 56.81KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA2004.zip 45.93KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA2010.zip 35.48KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA2011.zip 35.52KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA2013.zip 37.41KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA300.zip 313.24KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA300-ALPHA.zip 44.06KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA304.zip 313.99KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA308.zip 310.74KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA318.zip 318.04KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA319.zip 321.51KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA322.zip 83.12KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA323.zip 324.72KB 7 years old
zip MTAmA324.zip 326.76KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA4.zip 15.11KB 8 years old
zip MTAmA409.zip 7.12KB 7 years old
exe MTAmA_GRS_4.14.exe 226.5KB 8 years old
txt README.txt 1.42KB 7 years old