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This is the Readme file of GTA3MTA v0.2a we forgot to add to the package

GTA3:Multi Theft Auto v0.2a
This is the second alpha version of the first Multiplayer Mod for Grand Theft Auto III. GTA3:MTA lets you play GTA3 thru LAN or an Internet connection with somebody else. Currently only duel-play (2 players) is supported, but we're working very hard to get at least (probably) 8 players to play with and alot of other features. This Alpha version is not a stable release yet, so there could be some problems with it, but far less than the earlier version 0.1a. The pedestrian-method is replaced to the next version (sorry, we won't move it to 0.4, i'm sure it will be included in 0.3), so we're still using the previous car-method in this version :()

Here's a list of features after v0.1:
- bugs fixed (for example: xp 'out of memory' bug, etc.)
- far more improved layout and GUI (quick hideout warps, connection details, etc.)
- added serverbrowsing support thru IRC
- ingame chat added (not totally bug free yet)
- outgame chat added
- most unused code is deleted
- added port 2004 for ingame/outgame chat
- some other small improvents not mentioned here

Here's a list of probably added features in v0.3:
- pedestrian method added! (sure)
- data streaming compression, to compress the netcode, faster games! (sure)
- more players
- better synchronisation
- less bugs
- etc.


To make a multiplayer game over lan, uncheck the Internet Game setting and let the server click Host Game. Let the client fill in the network ip of the server and let him click Join Game. There should be standing Connected To.. now on the client (and Connected to (IP) both on client and server). For both client and server: Start GTA3, go to the place where you want to start (for example Shoreside Vale) by using a savegame there or using the Quick Hideout Warps in GTA3:MTA if you haven't got savegames there. Walk to a car (doesn't matter what type, for example Banshee) and enter the vehicle. Then exit the vehile you've just entered. Walk to another car (also doesn't matter what type, for example Stinger), enter the vehicle and stay in it. Now, if the client and server have done this above, one of them (for example only the server) must press ALT+F12. The system that pressed ALT+F12 should be displaying "Multiplayer Initialised" now and the other system should be displaying "Server pressed ALT+F12". The first car you've entered (in our example the Banshee) is moving now like the car on the other system. Your multiplayer game has begun! (Crashing and bumping into each other could cause a crash of GTA3)

- To use outgame chat, connect and type your message in the textbox below. Use enter to send the message.
- To use ingame chat, make sure you've started a multiplayer game (as described above), then press SHIFT+Z to enable chat and SHIFT+X to disable the chat. When you've pressed SHIFT+X, you just have to type the message you want and press TAB to send this message. You can see your messages, the messages of the other player and what your typing in the corner at topleft.

- When you've selected Internet Game and you want to host a game, click Host Game and let the TIL (TermNL IRC Listserver) connect to the irc-server. This can take up to 90 seconds to connect. When it's connected it will send your IP to the irc-server, and your ip will be listed in the serverlist. Then other people can join your server. If you close your server, your IP will be removed.
- When you've selected Internet Game and you want to join a game, look at Serverlist. It should display [BEGIN] and [END], and if there are servers running, there should be some IP's between [BEGIN] and [END]. If you want to join a server, select an ip from the list by holding your mousebutton, select it, copy it, and paste it into the IP-textbox. Then click Join Game to join the server and begin playing!

We hope you enjoy playing GTA3:Multi Theft Auto v0.2a!
The GTA3:MTA Team


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