What is MTA?
Who is building MTA?
Are you guys paied by RockStar?

How Many players are supported?
Do I need GTA3, and does it have to be version 1.1?
What is ASE?
What gamemodes are included?
How can I start my own server?
Can I run it under Nat or with a router?
Can I play on a servering computer?
May I use mods/skins?
Can I play on a LAN party?
Can I use this mod on Vice City?
Where can I download the mod?

Why are there no peds/traffic?
Which cars will I be able to drive in?
If I cheat, will I be kicked?

What other multiplayer mods are there?
Can I help in the development?
Where can I find the source?
How can I donate?

How do I contact the Team?
What is IRC?
How do I use IRC?