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First Time MTA User Guide 0.2.x
Written by: Alex3305

1. Buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. (For PC)

2. Install Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on your PC

3. Open your browser and surf to:

4. You are now on the MTA Website.

MTA Website

5. Now find the download link in the menu @ your right.

Download is in the red square

6. Click on releases and click on MTA:VC

Releases     MTA:VC

7. Now look for the newest version. In this case, 0.2.2. Click on it.

MTA:VC 0.2.2

8. Scroll down a bit and you'll see some download locations. Click on one of them.

9. After you've successfully downloaded it, locate it (go to the directory where you saved it).

10. Double click on the file to install.

If you have a restricted account on Windows XP, it's necessary to run the installation on an administrator account, otherwise you cannot continue!
You also need to be administrator when you run MTA:VC for the first time.

10. Read the License Agreement.

11. To agree with the agreement, click on "I Agree". If you do not agree, click "Cancel".

12. Choose the directory where you want to install MTA 0.2.x and click on "Next".

13. Now locate and browse to your GTA: Vice City folder and click on "Next".

14. Specify the Menu shortcut option if you want. Please do not click on the checkbox because it will cause errors during installation.

15. After the installation, click on the "Close" button.

16. Now you've successfully installed MTA:VC 0.2.x.

If you already know a server IP to play on, please proceed to step: 30

17. Surf to:

18. Look for the All-Seeing Eye download and select a mirror (North America or Europe)

19. Download and install ASE (The All-Seeing Eye). Let ASE download the latest updates for you.

ASE is a trial version, but it gives you the opportunity to use it for a minimum period of 21 days. After that you're able to extend this expire date for another week.

20. Follow the wizard and let ASE search for installed games.

If "Multi Theft Auto" does not show up, see the following steps. If it does, just proceed to step 23

21. Goto Filter and click on Configure Games...

22. Look for "Multi Theft Auto" in the list (probably under Uninstalled games). Check the box "Visible in filter list" and specify the program location.

23. After completion, find "Multi Theft Auto" click it and press F5 to refresh the Server List


24. Select an Server and double click on it.

25. The client will now start and connect to the selected server. Since this is your first time there will be no nickname specified. Please click the disconnect button, specify your nickname in the correct textbox and press connect again.

26. Now click on "Start Game".

27. Click Start Game and click Multi Theft Auto

28. Choose your Player.

29. Congratulations ! You are now playing Multi Theft Auto.

This was the Step by Step guide. Scroll down for Tips.

30. Open the start menu and locate MTA. Click it to open the client.

31. On the right fill in the IP, port and nickname. If it is a private server fill in the password.

32. Click on Start Game

33. Congratulations ! You are now playing Multi Theft Auto.

1. If the game crashes (when the screen is frozen) press return twice to go back to Windows.

2. When on foot. If you want to enter as an passenger press the HOME button on your Keyboard (Change Camera button in GTA: Vice City)

3. In Windows XP, do not run the game or client in Windows 98/Me compatibility mode, despite what some people say.

4. To chat ingame press the T button, type your message and press return.

5. Make sure your game is set to English and that the correct version is chosen in the client. So not set your language to Spanish, French or German. And when you have the Australian version, download the Aussie Patch.

6. Please do NOT install 1.1 unless you got texture problems. This only happens with some GeForce cards. This isn't the same problem as when your textures are loading very slow though.

7. Please remember that this software is under development and is in BETA stage!!

8. Press F12 to save a screenshot.

9. Press F11 to see the scoreboard.

10. Press F10 to see the Player Names and their Health.

11. Don't press F2 to use otherwise you'll time out.

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