Multi Theft Auto 0.5
Multi Theft Auto 0.5

MultiTheftAuto 0.5 is the latest stage in the development of MultiTheftAuto. To download MultiTheftAuto 0.5, click the "Download" link above. If you would like more information on how to get started with MTA, or you would like to know how you can run a server, click "Getting Started".

What's new?

MultiTheftAuto 0.5 brings with it a large number of important improvements. Although not as revolutionary as many previous releases, it brings many of the improvements the community has been asking for, these include:
  • Huge increase in stability. Using the errors reported to us using the Error Report Tool, we've managed to fix a large number of the common crashes.
  • New Staunton Island map available for GTA3, which includes a race mode and deathmatch.
  • New Shoreside Vale map available for GTA3, which includes several gamemodes.
  • Lots of changes to the existing maps (click here for full details).
  • A server browser has been added to the client along with an area to store your favourites and a list of servers you've played on recently (History).
  • New Client design - The client has been redesigned to make it easier to use. Error messages are now more self explanatory and checks are added to help users ensure their game is set up correctly.
  • Added an in-client server that allows you to quickly configure and host a server straight from the MTA Client.
  • Integrated the MTA Protocol handler - now mta:// links will work for all MTA 0.5 users.
  • Redesigned MTA Admin Tool to make it easier and more logical to use.
  • In client global MOTD so that you can hear about news from MTA immediately.
  • A rich text welcome message that the server can show to players when they join. This can contain much more information than the normal Message of the Day and is visible in the client the entire time the user is on the server.
  • New installation and configuration scripts for easy setup for Linux dedicated servers.
  • More platforms supported for the dedicated server, including FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
  • Improved error report tool is now installed by default (though optionally).
  • Chat box in the client now scrolls properly, as most chat programs do (scroll up to stop auto-scroll).
And much more!...

Below are some screenshots which highlight some of the new and fun aspects of MultiTheftAuto 0.5