Multi Theft Auto 0.5
Map Changes

GTA Vice City Deathmatch
  • Fixed the spawn menu bug where it would crash when you re-entered the game
  • Re-added the moving camera in spawn menu
  • Added checks to prevent crashes
  • Disallowed jumping while holding stubby shotgun and grenades
  • Decreased stubby shotgun damage
GTA Vice City Stunt
  • Took the altered VC DM scm and re-placed all vehicles/ramps
  • Added RCbandits
  • Includes Nitro for some vehicles
  • Added ramps on request
GTA III Portland
  • Removed 12 Vehicles from the map for stability reasons
  • Vehicles now respawn properly (they no longer appear damaged)
  • Ammunation prices adjusted
  • Added Unique Stunt Bonus and Insane Stunt Bonus rewards (does not work for Dodo)
  • Added checks to prevent the checking of non-existant objects, which resulted in Unhandled Exceptions
  • Increased Colt damage
  • Increased Uzi Damage
  • Decreased Shotgun damage
  • Moved an Ammunation to the (singleplayer) players safehouse
  • Added a few Pickups (Shotgun/Uzi)