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Created in 2003, Multi Theft Auto provides a robust, fast-paced multiplayer modification to Rockstar Games' highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto PC game series. The developers that comprise MTA are dedicated to creating a complete online multiplayer experience next to none. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is currently in development for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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06 October 2005

Most of the updates for this page have moved to our blog. Feel free to visit to keep up to date with our progress!

MTA:SA Progress
28 July 2005 | Discuss

We have been working very hard on MTA:SA over the past few weeks. One of our achievements is the development of an admin system to coincide with MTA:SA. The system allows extensive remote administrative control over the server and the players. This admin system greatly improves the ease of running and administrating an MTA:SA server.

We have made great strides in the race mod, net code, and we have also greatly increased the functionality of the core to help support user modifications. Synchronization is now considerably better then what was originally shown in the first development video. We will be releasing another development video in the next few weeks to show our progress with synchronization and other general improvements.

We are currently implementing a developer blog which we hope to use to keep the community up to date about the development process of MTA:SA. These will be smaller updates instead of a synopsis as appears here on the news. We hope to have this ready and released within a few weeks.

Many people have been questioning how we will handle the situation with San Andreas' rating change. We will be continuing to develop MTA:SA while Rockstar develops a patch for the current game and while they develop an M rated version.

Community input has always been vital to the Multi Theft Auto development process, and with MTA:SA it is no different - we welcome all comments and suggestions in our forums.

Development Update
15 June 2005 | Discuss

Following Tuesday's update, the Multi Theft Auto team has put together a short video showcasing the early stages of vehicle synchronization. It was captured while testing the race mod that is currently under construction. The video features a variety of vehicles and locations with a varying number of testers. We've also released two new screenshots, which you can see above.

Please note that Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is still at a very early stage in development. This video should not be viewed as a game content preview, but as a demonstration for our community of the potential of the technology we have developed. As always, all content is subject to change at any stage in development.

Development Video 1 High Quality   Windows Media Video   25.9MB Downloaded 99121 times
Belgium Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas
United States GonnaPlay.Com
United States Project Redivivus
Development Video 1 Low Quality   Windows Media Video   15.5 MB Downloaded 18367 times
Belgium Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas
United States GonnaPlay.Com
United States Project Redivivus

Development Update
14 June 2005 | Discuss

Today, just a week after the North American release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC, we have our first developer update. Currently we are internally developing a race modification for blue - we've got a few screenshots of it being tested below:

Development is going very well, we'll post another developer update here soon.

Our intentions for Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas
31 May 2005

With the release of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas nearing, (the 7th of June in North America, 10th of June in Europe), there has been a lot of speculation regarding Multi Theft Auto supporting it. Although we cannot get into too many specifics regarding Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas itself, we can announce the following:

  • We will be developing Multi Theft Auto for San Andreas.
  • All releases for San Andreas will be built upon the "Blue" platform. For more information about "Blue" visit
  • Initially, we will be releasing a game mode with very basic synchronization enabled and will continue by releasing small but frequent updates. This will enable users to have more input into our development and will allow us to experiment with ideas and implement new features much more quickly.
  • The SDK will not be available immediately upon the release of MTA:SA. We will release it as soon as it is stable and contains a broad and diverse enough functionality to support most modifications
  • All Official MTA:SA game modes will be developed with the same technology that will eventually be released to the community in the form of the SDK.
  • We will be opening a developer's site as we approach release of the SDK, providing a central area where developers can discuss modifications and exchange code. We will be paying close attention to any additional features third-party developers may require and will do as much as we can to implement them.
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