blue is the codename of the new, revolutionary, core technology from MultiTheftAuto, built from the ground up over the last year. Below, we've outlined some of the amazing new features of blue and how this will affect you. We've listened to all your suggestions, and we've tried to implement as many of them as feasible into blue. We hope you like what you see; if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please use the forum here.

We'll be using this area to keep you up-to-date on the progress of blue.

blue is fully integrated into Vice City, this means that there is no longer an external program required to launch MultiTheftAuto. MultiTheftAuto now includes an integrated server browser, allowing you to choose which server to connect to without leaving Vice City. blue also contains a fully featured console, allowing you to change settings and bind keys to any command you choose as well as executing configurations scripts on demand.

Right: blue includes an integrated server browser
blue includes an integrated server browser
blue makes it possible to use boats
Due to the substantially improved methods we employ in blue, your game will now run much smoother and faster, with vehicles and players moving almost as smoothly as you'd expect in single player.

Left: blue makes it possible to use boats

By writing blue from the ground up we've been able to eliminate the crashes and errors that occurred with the previous core technology, by eliminating the use of the SCM (Vice City's mission scripting system) entirely, we've produced a core that can be easily be fixed if errors arise. blue's new netcode is considerably more reliable and secure than the previous core and is very flexible, allowing us to reduce the bandwidth required per player.

Right: Cleanly integrated cursor driven menus makes blue a breeze to use
Cleanly integrated cursor driven menus makes blue a breeze to use
Testing out the projectiles
blue supports almost every single Vice City feature, including every weapon type (even rocket launchers and snipers), vehicle can shoot, boats, planes, synchronized pickups and drive-bys. These are the features that you've been asking for ever since version 0.1, and they're here at last!

Left: Testing out the projectiles

You've been asking for it forever, at last, blue supports modifications. You can now play you favourite modifications, such as GTA: Liberty City. blue pushes the boundaries of mods by allowing you to write game modes and extra features, giving you full control over blue and vice city, all through C++. This includes the ability to use common DirectX features and call any SCM functions you wish. We'll be providing an SDK and full documentation, plus tutorials on developing addons and learning the relevant c++, when blue is released. We will also be allowing some developers pre-release access so that they can help us iron out any bugs (contact us if you wish to apply). In short, blue addons offer all the functionality of the SCM (can be as long as you like!), plus hundreds more features offering you total control over the presentation of your modification.

Right: A simple particle engine is easy to implement in an addon
A simple particle engine is easy to implement in an addon
Part of the code from a server addon
The new server for blue, codename "spearhead" handles much more information, this is vital for server addons, that are the root of gamemodes, providing important control over the creation of vehicles and other objects as well as controling rounds (if required) and almost anything else. Server addons, used in conjunction with blue addons give you all the power you need to produce the most complex of game modes.

Left: Part of the code from a server addon

This page only gives you a small taste of what blue will offer. We want you to get involved, tell us if we've missed any feature that you want. We'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can and we look forward to the exciting possibilities that you'll dream up for blue.

Please post any comments or suggestions in the forum provided here.

Please remember that anything information on this page is subject to change, and may or may not be in the final product.
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